If only there were a way to set your own schedule, work on your terms, and treat a wonderful client population, all while being supported by a great Team and Office...
…well now, there is!

If you are like most of our therapists, you are either a busy professional looking for work/life balance, a parent doing your best to manage a growing family, or you have a public health position but are looking to change things up. We get it! Flexibility is key for the stage of life you are in. Ideally you would be able to send your children off to school and be there when they get home. Take a day off for an important event. You would manage the days and times you work and wouldn’t feel guilty for taking a day off. Wouldn't it be great to utilize your professional training at times that work for you?  Our physios enjoy freedom and flexibility while providing fulfilling work to older adults. 

Along with flexibility, we value: Teamwork, Community, Ongoing Education, Technology, and always going above and beyond to help our clients.

This is an excellent stand alone position, or would compliment a hospital/clinic/community position nicely. Our team consists of PTs, OTs and Kinesiologists providing excellent collaboration and support.

We provide all the online charting/scheduling/billing software and equipment you need to focus on client care!


Our Mission:

PhysioCare At Home is committed to helping seniors live healthy & fulfilling lives by providing in-home physiotherapy that improves mobility, independence, and overall health.

Our Core Values:

  • Hope - We offer hope to our clients, no matter what
  • Heart - We treat our clients like family, providing support & resources that bring peace of mind
  • Heroes - We recognize we are surrounded by unsung heroes, especially caregivers
  • Home - There is dignity in the home environment and we will help our clients thrive there
  • Health - Empowering mobility & independence to improve overall quality of life

 You can Expect:

  • Excellent compensation and growth potential
  • A fun team that meets regularly
  • An Education Fund to sharpen your skills
  • A supportive office that takes care of all the logistics
  • A no pressure environment where client care is our top priority
  • Consistent referrals close to your home or desired location

You should have:

  • Geriatric/Neurological experience
  • Knowledge of public & private healthcare systems
  • Passion to serve seniors
  • A desire for personal and professional growth
  • Vehicle and cell phone

There are so many benefits to working in your local community & serving people directly in their homes. We pride ourselves in providing top notch, in-home physiotherapy, OT, & KIN for people of all ages, especially the elderly. The PhysioCare at Home team is one that works together to help one another grow in their profession and provide the best, outcome based care possible.

If our Mission and Core Values resonate with you, then we would love for you to apply!


Here’s what some of our PTs have to say about their work:
“Working with seniors is honestly the most rewarding career that I could have ever chosen. The seniors that I work with are so very appreciative of any help and suggestions that I can give them. Working as part of the PhysioCare At Home team has given me the opportunity to advocate for my clients and help them remain physically active well into their 80s and 90s”

“PhysioCare At Home gives me the flexibility to create my own schedule, which allows for a great work-life balance. I have the flexibility to be able to see clients on days, evenings, or weekends-whatever works best for my clients and myself on a week-by-week basis. This allows me to book client visits around the things that are important to me-such as spending time with my friends and family, travelling, and keeping active myself. Working for PhysioCare At Home also gives me the extra income needed for special occasions and trips.”

“I enjoy the freedom that PhysioCare At Home gives me to work independently with my clients. I have the opportunity to choose the assessment and treatment techniques that I feel are best for my clients based on the client’s goals, evidence, and my own clinical reasoning. At the same time, PhysioCare At Home has a number of very experienced physiotherapists who are welcoming and readily available for help if I am ever faced with a challenge or would like a second opinion."



Benefits of partnering with PhysioCare At Home.

Flexibility of schedule
Choose the days and times that work best for YOU and YOUR family!
Helping seniors live healthy, mobile, and independent lives.
Work as much as you want, when you want.
Earn excellent compensation every visit
Work with an amazing network of physiotherapists as you help a demographic who are lovely to work with.
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We are currently growing and looking for amazing therapists in the following cities:

Current Opportunities in British Columbia

Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time 

Coquitlam (Tri-Cities)
Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time 

Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time 

Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time 

Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time 


Current Opportunities in Alberta

Physiotherapist - Full or Part-Time 

Physiotherapist - Full or Part-Time 


Current Opportunities in Manitoba

Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time 


Current Opportunities in Ontario

Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time

Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time


Current Opportunities in New Brunswick

Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time

Saint John
Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time


Current Opportunities in Nova Scotia

Halifax (HRM)
Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time 

Client Care Manager


Current Opportunities in Newfoundland

St. John's
Physiotherapist - Full Time or Part Time 


Current Opportunities Across Canada

Don't see your city? PhysioCare at Home would consider working with motivated physiotherapists to start PhysioCare at Home in their Canadian city. This work would fit well with physiotherapists looking for full-time or part-time work, flexibility in their schedule, and the chance to work with seniors. If you are interested in exploring this possibility, read through the job description above and fill in the form to set up a time to connect with us.